James Barnett's "Fauxvism Series" of paintings focuses on a genre of video game-inspired art that we, unfortunately, all too rarely see: painted landscapes. Half-life 2 fans will likely recognize "Canal Barn with Figure," seen above.

Barnett's Fauxvism Series plays on the Fauvism style, a movement that followed the turn of the twentieth century, led by Henri Mattisse and André Derain. The painter's artist statement, or something that looks similar to an artist's statement, reads, in part: "There's a whole spiel behind this, starting from frustration at 3D games slavishly imitating real life (though this has been lessened thanks to Braid and others), but really, artists should shut up and make pictures."

Two more of those pictures, inspired by Team Fortress 2 and Fallout 3, are after this. More are available for sale at Barnett's web site, including some lovely Grand Theft Auto IV cityscapes.

2Fort Red Study
Oil on wood panel
10" x 8"


2Fort Red
Oil on cradled wood panel
20" x 16"

James Barnett's Official Site