Fallout 76's Beta Framerate Is Now Capped, FOV Locked

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Remember that issue with the PC version of the Fallout 76 beta where changing the framerate would break stuff? Bethesda has implemented a quick fix for that, and it was as easy as capping the framerate.


As PC Gamer report, anyone in the beta now is going to find the framerate for the game capped at 63. The FOV is also set in stone, at 80 for third-person views and 90 for first-person. Where previously you could go into the game’s .ini file to edit these values, that now has no effect.

That’s a pretty slapdash fix, but then, this is a beta, not the final product. A more comprehensive solution for this issue, one that would fix the game’s engine while allowing PC gamers to make some pretty standard adjustments, is hopefully on the way. Remember that when the framerate issue was first discovered, Bethesda said “a fix won’t be out until the game launches.”

Fallout 76 is out on November 14.

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One day Bethesda might make an entirely new engine from scratch instead of applying bandaids to their 20 year old engine.