Fallout 76 Beta's Physics Are Tied To Its Framerate

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So the faster your framerate, the faster you move. Which is fine, whatever in a singleplayer game like Bethesda are used to making, but not fine for a multiplayer-only release like Fallout 76, where changing a player’s framerate is as easy as entering a few lines of code.


By default, the Fallout 76 beta‘s framerate is locked down, and there’s no way in the settings to change that. But on the PC version, users have found that by simply changing a few lines in the game’s .ini file—just like you can in Bethesda’s other games like Skyrim—you can speed up the framerate, and at the same time speed up the rest of the physics in the game up as well.

In singleplayer games this is just a way to pass the time or make novelty vids, but in a multiplayer experience, having different players moving at different speeds is an absolute disaster.

Bethesda are aware of the issue, but told Polygon “a fix won’t be out until the game launches.”

Good luck until then, PC gamers.

Between this and the self-deleting, it’s no wonder Bethesda warned us “we’re opening everyone up to all new spectacular issues none of us have encountered” when this beta kicked off.


Luke Plunkett

I know betas are expected to have bugs, but this game is on a whole other level.