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Fallout 76 Will Let You Visit Fallout 3's The Pitt In 2022

Players will get to leave West Virginia and head to a new location in 2022

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Good news, wastelanders. Bethesda outlined what’s next for its Fallout 76 MMO. Get ready to head to The Pitt, last seen in Fallout 3.

Bethesda didn’t share much about the upcoming Expedition, which will be added to Fallout 76 in 2022. The expedition will let players leave the Applachian wasteland and venture into The Pitt. This area was last featured in a Fallout 3 expansion released in 2009.

During the event, Bethesda also released a new trailer for the upcoming update “Steel Reign” which continues the Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel storyline which started in 2020 with the “Steel Dawn” expansion.

The last major update for Fallout 76, “Lock and Loaded,” came in April and added new features that players had requested, including the ability to create multiple camps and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. loadouts. Before that, back in December of 2020, the “Steel Dawn” update added a new questline revolving around the Brotherhood of Steel faction. While the new content was generally well-received, some fans weren’t happy with how Bethesda was changing up the established lore of the Fallout universe.


Bethesda’s continued interest in keeping Fallout 76 updated has been a years-long clean-up attempt.

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Fallout 76 (in)famously launched in 2018 in a very rough state. Players complained about numerous bugs and a lack of NPCs and content. There was also an extremely silly saga involving canvas bags and gaming influencers. It was a whole thing. However, in the years since the game’s launch, Bethesda has developed and tweaked the online wasteland more and more, even adding NPCs in 2020 and continuing to support the game with seasons and events.


Today’s E3 news shows Bethesda isn’t ready to slow down yet either, so even more features are likely to come by year’s end.