The Syringer is a special weapon: instead of firing bullets, it shoots syringes. These syringes can have all sorts of effects—pacifying your enemy, confusing them, frenzying them. One of the funniest ammo types, however, is the “Lock Joint Syringe.”


Get this: Lock Join Syringe paralyzes your target, be it a human or a Super Mutant (and everything in-between). No matter what your target is doing, with one shot of this puppy it’ll lock up, and often just tumble over as if they transformed into action figures:

Slowfield here tested it out with a ton of enemies in Fallout 4, and the results are amazing. There’s Brahmin tipping, the shutting down of Super Mutant Suiciders, and my personal favorite, Deathclaw trolling. Yessss.

If you’d like to get your hands on the Syringer rifle, Slowfield also has a guide on how to find it for free:

And finally, here’s a video that showcases all the different Syringer effects in action:

I can’t believe one of the ammo types makes it so that your enemies explode into Boatflies. What the fuck, Bethesda?


I know what I’m gonna mess around with tonight.

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