Fallout 4's Crafting System Looks Awesome

We saw a lot of new Fallout 4 footage tonight, but the most impressive bit has to be a new robust system that lets you craft the environment around you, essentially letting you play house, dress-up, and handyman.

Almost anything you see, you can rebuild and retool. You can scrap items in the world for materials and use that material to build whatever you’d like. It looks bonkers! Take a look at all of it in action in the video above.

You’ll be able to customize your living quarters, along with that of your dog, too. The more you build, the bigger your settlement becomes, and the more people will come. Including traders! Anything you build will be usable by the people living nearby, too. The demo showed, for example, the Vault-Dweller placing resources such as food on the ground, so others could grow/water that food.

You’ll be able to build complicated stuff, too. Wires attach to generators, which hook up to power grids, which can then power up consoles. You’ll have a lot of freedom when it comes to building your defensive measures, but you’ll have to take care to build something usable as well. Otherwise, raiders might be able to tear your creations down. Seems like there might be a little bit of tower defense in Fallout now.


In the video above, you can also get a glimpse of the new crafting system, which lets you modify 50 different base weapons with all sorts of attachments. Attachments are made up of components, which you can collect all over the world. Maybe your long scope is made out of duct tape and a globe. Maybe you’ll use an alarm clock and a fork. Maybe you’ll add nails to your baseball bat. The point is that all the junk that existed in the world of Fallout before? It’s ALL useful now, and you can combine it in a lot of ways to make new stuff! Fantastic.

Best of all? You can totally customize your power armor, too. I can’t wait to be the freshest vault dweller in all of New England.

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Shardik The Man Bear

All the junk being useless was the biggest problem with the last 2 games, and was usually remedied by lots of mods. I can’t wait to explore an old school building or something for supplies instead of just guns and ammo and maybe a stimpack or 2.