Bless Fallout 4 players who are truly making the most out of the Wasteland Workshop DLC.

The screenshot above comes to us via Tumblr user lady-of-rohan, a Fallout 4 player desperate for Nick Valentineā€™s attention. As you might already know, the Wasteland Workshop DLC lets players make neon signs, and itā€™s leading to all sorts of hilarity.

Hereā€™s another look:

I love the small details here: the bed, the candles, the handcuffs, the duster. Thereā€™s no way to misinterpret that, right?


Making things even more hilarious, Tumblr user deltastic actually drew fan art of this set-up:

Alas, Nick Valentine is not romanceable in Fallout 4ā€”leaving a ton of thirsty vault dwellers heartbroken all across the wasteland. Give the fans what they want, Bethesda!!