Fallout 4's Best Companion Needs To Take A Hint

Bless Fallout 4 players who are truly making the most out of the Wasteland Workshop DLC.

The screenshot above comes to us via Tumblr user lady-of-rohan, a Fallout 4 player desperate for Nick Valentine’s attention. As you might already know, the Wasteland Workshop DLC lets players make neon signs, and it’s leading to all sorts of hilarity.


Here’s another look:

I love the small details here: the bed, the candles, the handcuffs, the duster. There’s no way to misinterpret that, right?

Making things even more hilarious, Tumblr user deltastic actually drew fan art of this set-up:


Alas, Nick Valentine is not romanceable in Fallout 4—leaving a ton of thirsty vault dwellers heartbroken all across the wasteland. Give the fans what they want, Bethesda!!

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