Fallout 4 Won't Be On PS3 Or 360, Bethesda Says

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Here’s some good news for anyone concerned that last generation’s consoles are holding back today’s game developers: Fallout 4 is current-gen-only, Bethesda says. No quiet last-gen releases coming down the road.


Some might have assumed as much when the publisher announced Fallout 4 last week for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but there were certainly gamers—myself included—worried they had a quiet last-gen port in the works to maximize sales. Fortunately, that’s not happening, according to Bethesda global community lead Matt Grandstaff, who says the next Fallout ain’t coming to 360 or PS3.

This current-gen exclusivity is important for two reasons:

1) It means Todd Howard and his team at Bethesda Game Studios will be able to take advantage of the expanded memory limits on today’s hardware, which is especially important for an open-world game like Fallout, where everything—from interactive objects to building interiors—takes up a ton of memory.


2) It totally debunks that dumb Reddit rumor, just in case our debunker wasn’t enough for ya.

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Carl On Duty

I’m an old generation gamer i was 6 when I got the NES in 86’, back then I would have dreams about what video games would look like in the future and you know what? The FALLOUT4 trailer didn’t disappoint. You kids these days and I do mean KIDS because you need to have grown up in the 8-bit era to truly appreciate what video games have come to be.

The team at Bethesda is killing it! Keep bringing us awesome and beautiful games!

*Patiently waiting for FO4*