Fallout 4 Mod Replaces Mini-Nukes With Your Baby

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Babies can be like ticking time bombs. You never know when they’re gonna go off. In Fallout 4, they can also be literal bombs.

The game’s main quest sees you searching for your lost son, Shaun, who was abducted as a baby. Trainwiz’s Atom Bomb Baby mod makes the hunt for your babbling bundle of joy (and probably also poop) much easier. Well, sorta. Here’s the description:

“Have you ever sat and thought, ‘man, I want to launch my baby out of a catapult?’ I know I have. In retrospect, this is why my wife left me.”

“Anyway, this mod replaces the mininukes fired by the Fat Man (or Nuka-Launcher if Bethesda is afraid of you), with a baby. Your baby. Guess you found him.”


And here’s a video of the mod in action, courtesy of Pastaspace:

So basically, you find your son (when he, you know, emerges from the end of your mininuke launcher), only to lose him again moments later. Love and loss by way of city-block-leveling nuclear explosion. It’s fucking poetry.

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Fuck me. For weeks I was struggling with whether or not to get this game on PC or PS4. Eventually I decided that having mods right out of the gate was not worth sitting a desk all night after sitting at a desk all day, so I chose PS4.

I now massively regret my decision.