Good news, PS4 and Xbox One owners. Thanks to the latest Fallout 4 patch, the console versions of the game are about on par with the PC version running on high.

The ever-meticulous Digital Foundry took a closer look at patch 1.03 and found that thanks to new tweaks, the draw distance on both Xbox One and PS4 has noticeably improved. In layman’s terms, this means you can see the game rendering objects at a farther distance, and as you play, there’s less of that sudden ‘pop-in’ effect.

Some quick comparison shots:


Or, if you’d prefer to see this in action/in GIF form:


There are some asterisks attached, of course. Frame rate still isn’t as good as it could be on both consoles, and shadows haven’t quite caught up, either. But, overall, Fallout 4 is looking better than it used to.

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