Wow, Fallout 4. What a troll!

So I was playing Fallout 4 today, when I came across a character labeled “Raider Scum.” That NPC wasn’t shooting at me or anything, but with a name like that? I figured I had to kill him. Right?


Uh...about that.

Welp. I got wrecked. It wasn’t even a contest. What makes this funny to me, though, is that the game actually gave me an achievement for having an enemy lob a Fat Man at me. It’s called “Touchdown,” which makes sense, given that the mini-nuke is kiiiind of shaped like a football.

So, what are the requirements? Well normally, you actually have to get a special type of “Suicide Mutant” tackle you while holding a mini-nuke, like so:

[Source: Random Chievo’s]

But I guess you can get it if they just throw it in your direction, too—like a football! Amazing. I don’t even mind that I died in a super embarrassing way, that’s a great achievement/trophy.


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