Dogmeat is quite a companionā€”almost like a real dog when heā€™s not doing egregiously silly/suicidal things. One Fallout 4 fan, however, didnā€™t think he was real enough.

Over on Nexus, modder 7iger explained:

ā€œI created this texture using photos of my pup, ā€˜Pirate.ā€™ Heā€™s a kelpie x blue cattle dog and a lovable mutt. After posting [about it] to reddit, some users actually wanted to use my crappy re-texture so here it is.ā€

Itā€™s still early days for Fallout 4 modding, so 7iger couldnā€™t recreate their loyal canine from the ground up. They did, however, nail the fur pattern and signature (?) bandanna. Hereā€™s their dog in real life:

And here he is in-game:



This will, however, probably lead to something of an awkward situation. I mean, imagine it: Pirate whimpering at 7igerā€™s heels for his daily walk while 7iger goes on endless post-apocalyptic adventure walks with virtual Pirate. We live in strange times.

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