'Fallout 4 E-Mail' Is A Hoax, Bethesda Says

Illustration for article titled emFallout 4/em E-Mail Is A Hoax, Bethesda Says

Did you get an e-mail from someone claiming to be the Bethesda Store? Bad news, my friend: you've been pranked. The above image is fake. Like last year's massive "Fallout 4 ARG," this is yet another hoax designed to get all of our hopes up only to punch us in the face.


A number of Kotaku readers (and Redditors, and other Internet folk) have reported receiving that "very special announcement" from the e-mail "store@bethsoft.com," but Bethesda was quick to shoot it down on Twitter yesterday morning.

Yes, there is a new Fallout game in development, and it's set in Boston, but this ain't it. Let the wait continue.


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AFAIK, The only evidence for Boston being the setting is the leaked casting script and the rumors about Bethesda employees checking out MIT.

As long as it isnt in the west again, I'll be happy. I love the first two fallouts and New Vegas, but Chicago and the Enclave are a story waiting to be told, as are entirely new areas, allies and enemies. The Gulf Coast would be cool, Central and South Florida would be insane (Disney World serving as the basis for a Mouse centered religion would be hilarious), NYC, Atlanta, East Texas, etc. Hell, even a western location like the Pacific Northwest or Post-legion Arizona and New Mexico would be cool, but Id really like a non-western entry again.

But really, using casting scripts as solid evidence is not generally something I'd put too much stock in.