Fallout 3 Trophies Pop Up; DLC Soon?

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The last word on when Fallout 3's PS3 DLC would arrive was Bethesda "hoping" to have it out by "the end of of September." Trophies pegged to all the expansions have shown up. Perhaps they indicate a sooner release?


Earlier this week, tipster Dan M. snapped that screen pic of the 22 trophies. Tipster Player X went comparing trophies with someone in his friends list and noticed them, too. They're listed below.

Sit tight, PS3 owners, your wait is almost over. The DLC will release in the same order as it did for Xbox 360, beginning with Operation Anchorage, then the Pitt, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. Correction: Broken Steel will be the first expansion, followed by Operation Anchorage, then The Pitt, then Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta.

• Aiding the Outcasts (silver)
• The Guns of Anchorage (silver)
• Paving the Way (silver)
• Operation Anchorage! (gold)
• Into The Pitt (silver)
• Unsafe Working Conditions (silver)
• Free Labor (gold)
• Mill Worker (silver)
• Death From Above (silver)
• Shock Value (silver)
• Who Dares Wins (gold)
• Devil (bronze)
• True Mortal (bronze)
• Messiah (bronze)
• The Local Flavor (silver)
• Walking With Spirits (silver)
• A Meeting of the Minds (gold)
• Bog Walker (silver)
• Not of This World (silver)
• Among the Stars (silver)
• This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough... (gold)
• Alien Archivist (silver)



At this point PS3 owners should really just trade in their standard copy of Fallout 3 while it's still got some value, wait a bit longer, and just pick up the Game of the Year edition with all 5 expansions included when it comes out.

They've had to wait so long as it is and the GotY edition is so close to release, getting all this DLC at once is almost pointless and not worth the extra cost.