North America, Western Europe, Japan. Those are the three major gaming regions in the world. Fallout 3 being released there, no big deal. But Fallout 3 in the Balkans and Middle East?

It's a little more unique, especially when you consider many of the countries I'm about to name don't often get dedicated "official" releases. But official releases they're getting, because thanks to Connect Entertainment, the following 19 countries will get their own copies of Fallout 3 (or, if they've already got it, like Croatia apparently have, they'll be getting it again):

Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Enjoy, Oman!

Fallout 3 set for global takeover [MCV]