Fallout 3 Not Coming To India

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After all that trouble Bethesda went through to make the game pretty enough for discerning Australian tastes, now Microsoft has decided to cancel the 360 version of the game in India due to 'cultural sensitivities'. This means no Fallout 3 for the country at all, as the PS3 and PC versions were never scheduled for release there. Gamingindians.com ran the official statement from Microsoft.

Microsoft constantly endeavors to bring the best games to Indian consumers in sync with their international release. However, in light of cultural sensitivities in India, we have made the business decision to not bring Fallout 3 into the country.


I bet you anything if the game kicked off with a snazzy musical number starring Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta this wouldn't have happened - and I would have bought five copies and invited my mother over to watch. Fallout 3 controversy: India release cancelled [Gamingindiians.com via GI.biz]



Probably to do with blowing up cows/brahmin.