Fallout 3 Falls 50% On Steam

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Bethesda encourages gamers to show their patriotism by wandering the Capital Wastes this Independence Day in Fallout 3, now 50% off on Steam all weekend long.


Bethesda's take on the darkly humorous post-apocalyptic U.S. is only $24.99 from now until Sunday on Valve's service, meaning that if you play your credit cards right you'll be able to snag the game and a good chunk of DLC for the same price you'd normally pay for Fallout 3 alone. Besides, nothing helps you appreciate what you have more than seeing what life would be like without it, right?

Fallout 3 On Steam [Steam]



I'm still going to wait for the Game of the Year Edition later on with all the DLC included. At full price ($50), that'd still be a better deal, and you KNOW Bethesda will do it. Fallout 3 is very much like Morrowind and Oblivion, and they did the exact same thing for those games too. ;)