Fallen Earth Studio Loses 75 Percent of Workforce

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The makers of the post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth lost 75 percent of their workforce in a steep "restructuring" put into effect yesterday. The studio is down to 28 employees from 110.


Icarus Studios followed up with Kotaku to say that the studio remains open, and that development for an upcoming patch for Fallen Earth: Blood Sports continues as scheduled. "The game will remain unaffected, as servers are up and GMs as well as customer support are continuing to service players."

On Friday, James Hettinger, the CEO of Icarus Studios, Inc. announced the restructuring, and it's effective immediately. "While this is a challenging step for us," said Hettinger, "the steps were taken to maintain the growth, continued development and profitability of Fallen Earth."

Hettinger's statement said Icarus Studios and a separate company, Fallen Earth llc., will now be combined and will be responsible for "ongoing customer service and continued development of Fallen Earth and company projects."

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