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Fall Guys’ Worst Mini-Game Will Appear Less Frequently After Update

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Chaotic battle royale Fall Guys is getting its first big update tomorrow, which will reintroduce a stage from the beta, fix a few bugs, and most importantly change the frequency of Royal Fumble’s appearance as the final round.

Jump Showdown is a mini-game returning from the Fall Guys beta. It’s like a more aggressive version of Jump Club, forcing players to contend with spinning beams and an unstable stage to outlast their fellow competitors. As there are currently only three “final” levels in the game, this is a welcome addition that should add some much-needed variation to playthroughs.


Fall Guys developer Mediatonic also provided full patch notes for tomorrow’s update. In addition to Jump Showdown, the game will see fixes to the crown-grabbing bug that has lost many a player a round of Fall Mountain over the past week as well as lingering issues around crashing and physics in certain stages.

But really, I’m only here for the change to final game weighting, which will make Royal Fumble, the worst mini-game in Fall Guys, less frequent as a championship stage. No longer will I have to contend with latency discounting my grabs but giving other players the ability to steal my tail from miles away. I’d rather see this cursed event removed altogether, but I’ll take what I can get.


Fall Guys continues to be a massive success despite ongoing server problems, and I’m glad to see the developers push out new content so soon after launch. Give my little bean guy new ways to make a fool of himself and he’ll be the first in line.