Fall Guys Season 3.5 Update Is Live, Frosty

10 seconds later I was knocked into the slime.
10 seconds later I was knocked into the slime.
Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku

Winter came to Mediatonic’s bean-filled battle royale with the launch of season 3.0 in December. Today’s Fall Guys’ season 3.5 update adds the chilling new “Snowball Survival” stage plus 40 new round remixes to keep things fresh.


I haven’t played Fall Guys much since season one, so I’m a little shaky stepping back into the utter chaos of today’s big update. Stages I knew by heart have been mutated beyond recognition by remixed obstacles. When I do manage to pull a stage I know, players have gotten so much better at navigating that I often find myself getting eliminated despite my best efforts. That said, I did manage to make it to a third-round “Snowball Survival” round this morning, which was lovely. Beans running and diving to avoid giant white balls as the icy blue sections of the field dissolve beneath their feet. It’s exactly the sort of Fall Guys nonsense I love.

The update also introduces the “Fall Feed,” which displays round progression on-screen, so you can tell who is getting knocked out and who qualified ahead of you. It’s pretty handy.

Check out the full 3.5 patch notes for other changes and improvements made to Fall Guys today.

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Is this something people still play? I swear I stopped hearing about it the day everyone seemed to move on all at once to Among Us.