Fall Guys Players Are Optimizing Slime Climb

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Slime Climb is known as one of the most frustrating mini-games in Fall Guys. Unlike the game’s other obstacle courses, where falling off means respawning at a previous checkpoint, one small mistake here can send you back to the queue. But what if there were a series of shortcuts that made this level a breeze?


Hell is other people, so anything that can put space between you and your fellow Fall Guys players is going to make Slime Climb that much easier. The first (and apparently most well-known, since I typically have to fight through the initial crush to use it) shortcut involves the spongey, yellow obstacles on the first floor. Jumping onto these barriers will give you enough bounce to reach the next level and avoid a couple of the moving blocks at the same time.

From there, it’s all about making smart jumps to bypass the long stretches of stage that merely serve as transition to the next segment. These are all pretty obvious after seeing them in action, but the one shortcut that truly blew me away comes near the end. With good enough execution—which is often easier said than done due to the slight input delay that often plagues Fall Guys matches—you can jump onto one of the hammers near the end and avoid the fast-moving obstacles before the home stretch.

As far as I can tell, a YouTuber named Maitrash has the fastest Slime Climb run at the moment, clocking in at a little over 44 seconds. Every trick I described above is used here to get out of this Fall Guys stage as quickly as possible. It’s so fast that they look like they’re playing alone most of the time.

Mediatonic / Maitrash (YouTube)

Believe it or not, Slime Climb runs used to have the potential to be even faster than that. A recent hotfix removed the ability to grab the blocks that jut out of the wall and clip through the stage, as seen in this footage from Mortal Kombat competitor Julien “Deoxys” Gorena. Volume warning! The fighting game community gets hype no matter what they’re playing.

As you can see in this run from fellow fighting game competitor Ada Basilisk, this glitch made for some super quick runs even without the use of every available shortcut.


Fall Guys has some objectively terrible mini-games—I shudder every time I see Hoarders pop up—but Slime Climb has proven to be rather divisive among the fanbase. Some like the challenge, while others believe its potential to decimate the playing field makes it less desirable in the early stages of a match.


No matter where you land on the subject, these shortcuts are sure to make your life easier. Be sure to try them out next time this tough stage rears its ugly head, because I guarantee everyone else will be using them eventually.

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I’ve noticed that a lot of people take those shortcuts while I take the normal route, and I still make it to the top first. It’s really just about avoiding the crowd and not running and bouncing around more than necessary.