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Fall Guys Creators Incite Twitter Brand Bidding War For Charity, And It's Beautiful To Watch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Since the launch of wildly successful battle royale Fall Guys, Twitter brands have been falling over themselves to get their products and/or services represented as in-game costumes. Yesterday developer Mediatonic launched a two-week “Battle of the Brands” event, with the brand that donates the most to gamer charity Special Effect securing the coveted tie-in. As of this writing, the bidding has reached over $130,000.

I never imagined an event involving desperate Twitter brands vying for attention would warm my heart, but here we are. Mediatonic and the outstanding Fall Guys Twitter team have transformed the hungry school of online brands circling their game into a grand spectacle that will ultimately benefit a charity near and dear to my heart. Special Effect is a UK-based organization that helps gamers with disabilities get the technology they need to enjoy their hobby, from more accessible controllers to eye-control systems.

The event kicked off yesterday with a tweet.


After a two-week period, the brand with the winning bid makes their donation, and Fall Guys’ Twitter makes it official.

So far the response has been pretty overwhelming. The makers of Warframe were high bidders at $20,000. Next Bisect Hosting blew it up to $38,880. Then this happened:


The current high bidder is G2 Esports with $130,003, but we’re only on the second day of bidding. Who knows who’ll come out on top?