Fake Retro Wreck-It Ralph Game Winds Up With Real Sega Genesis Port

You may remember how Disney invented a real-world pseudo-history for Wreck-It Ralph when the animated movie came to theaters last year. There was that artfully aged arcade cabinet that showed up at E3 last year and a commercial that homed in on the cheesiness of old-school arcade advertisements. And, of course, there was the Fix-It Felix, Jr. companion game that came out for browsers and mobile, which played just like a Donkey Kong clone from 1982 would have. Now, that game is traveling backwards in time for real, with a fan-made port for the long-dead Sega Genesis.


RetroConnect reports that a version of the Fix-It Felix Flash game now has a homebrew Sega Genesis emulator version, has been ported by enthusiast programmer Future Driver. Nostalgists with working Genesis/Mega Drive consoles and add-ons like the EverDrive cart can get their Felix vs. Ralph fix on right now.

[RetroCollect, via Retro Game Network]



Fun idea, though feels really out of place as a Genesis title. It's way more early 80's and looks inspired by games like Popeye, Wrecking Crew, DK of course.

If it were a Genesis game, Felix would be a totally rad cat with a tude, who rides around on rollerblades cleaning up grafitti, instead of repairing the building.

And Ralph would be a wise-cracking villainous bear, with a sexy sidekick, and a totally fresh for 92' Hip-Hop street fashion sense.