Fake Ransom Demanded Over "Nintendo Computer"

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In China, a guy known only by his surname "Yang" faked his abduction because his skinflint parents wouldn't buy him "a Nintendo computer," according to the China Daily. The scheme crowbarred about 10,000 yuan ($1,400 U.S.) off the 'rents, but the kid and his two captors were snagged trying to get the dough out of an ATM. I'm not a kidnapper, but if I wanted any amount of money in trade for the life of someone's son, even if I was that son, I'd probably ask Dad to like, withdraw it himself, bring the cash, alone, no cops or you'll never see me again, etc. etc. I'd use one of those creepy voice modulators too, because that's rad. And I would use it to buy a Coleco Adam. Anyway, Yang is in trouble with the cops. And his folks, I assume. No word on whether he got his Nintendo Computer. Computer Crazy Youth Fakes Self Abduction [China Daily via Destructoid]


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Wow, the only thing missing from the Coleco Adam was a sexual attraction to fire.