As part of his very comprehensive BFG Modpack, Civ VI modder Ananse has created and introduced a new unit to the game: the journalist, a civilian unit which can do everything from reduce war weariness to serving as a secret agent.

Able to wander past and through rivalā€™s borders, see through jungles and detect hidden units, sheā€™s perhaps most useful when you focus her strengths on a series of disciplines/perks which can be unlocked the longer sheā€™s kept alive and doing her job.


These range from the useful (science journalism grants big tech boosts at each new era) to cruel/real gags about the economics of freelance writing.

Course, even without those perks, sheā€™s still probably most handy when serving as a scout in that time between everyoneā€™s borders closing down and satellites revealing the whole map (sheā€™s first unlocked in the Renaissance), when exploring the interior of continents can be a pain in the ass.


If you want to try it out, you can download the pack here.