Fake Guns Make for Great Battlefield 3 Movies

This isn't, despite all appearances to the contrary, a fan film based on EA's Battlefield 3. It's a commercial based on EA's Battlefield 3, one for a store that sells replica guns.


But that's OK. The advertising is kept to a bare minimum, the majority of the clip devoted to grown men running around with fake guns pretending they were soldiers in a video game.

[thanks Jason!]

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Adam Hayter

Airsoft is my favourite thing in the whole world. Here's a few things for anyone thinking of getting started:

Wear Boots, not trainers. Good Boots turn a break into a sprain, a sprain into a twist, and a twist into nothing.

Wear GOOD Eye Protection. In a close quarters environment I would recommend a full face mask too. I like my teeth the way they are (even if, being British, that is a little wonky :P )

Take your hits! Airsoft is an honour based game, and as such the community is hard on people who play dishonestly. Expect to be banned from sites with no warning at many places.

Remember: Most guns have similar internals. An MP5 with a short barrel can and often will out range and out shoot a long barrelled M16. The externals are just for show, it's the internals that make the gun.

Invest in decent kit. Now I don't mean go an spend £2000 on a Systema training rifle, but budget £300-£400 for a decent gun, with batteries and magazines. Oh, and some webbing to carry the magazines in! My favourite starter gun is the Tokyo Marui G36C - Lots of upgrades available, very good accuracy and range out of the box, and the folding stock is good for CQB. Other popular options are M4's and P90's.

That said pretty much any gun is skirmishable, but do your research first. Snipers are impractical unless you invest a LOT of time and effort into them. Shotguns are equally impractical in MOST situations. LMG's can be fun with a 4000rnd box mag, but are usually HEAVY.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, as stated in the article these are REPLICA FIREARMS, and to most people it is impossible to tell the difference between these and a real one without a close look.

Check your local laws and regulations in regards to purchase, ownership and transport.

In the UK they are illegal to own without reasonable excuse (in this case, you have to prove you are a regular airsoft skirmisher. Talk to your local site for more info on this).

Some states in the US ban ownership entirely, some have restrictions such as orange end caps.

Do your research and don't get into trouble.

DO NOT use your airsoft guns in a public place, or a private place in veiw of the public. Joe Public isn't going to know it's not real.

Most of all, play fair, play safe, have fun.