Faith Fighter was great, but some people complained, and now, it is gone. But that's OK. Because no sooner is Faith Fighter gone than a sequel arrives!


In a response to the "manufactured controversy" that surrounded the year-old game earlier this week, a new, improved version of Faith Fighter has been made available on Molleindustria's website.

Faith Fighter 2 is the sequel of the infamous game that outraged over 1.3 billions of muslims from 57 countries. The scandal resulted in a ban from all the internets!

We regretted the use of irony and violence and this time we want to offer you a positive, nonviolent educational game that teaches the universal values of tolerance and respect. This is a very simple game that can be played by children of all ages, religious leaders and even journalists!

They're right, Faith Fighter 2 is far simpler than its predecessor. Though don't take it too easy, because the stakes are much higher this time, and if you lose, well...


[Faith Fighter 2]

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