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First announced early last year, Deadline Games' Faith And A .45 looked promising! It had biplanes, tommy guns and a sexy, ginger-haired lady. Basically, it made the Great Depression look fun!


So it's with a heavy heart that we hear tonight the game's been put on pause. Why? Because despite featuring biplanes, tommy guns and a sexy, ginger-haired lady (not to mention it's basically Gears of War with kissing), the game is still without a publisher.

Shame on you, Activision. And EA. And Ubisoft, THQ, Midway, Take-Two and Atari. Shame on all of you.

As for developers Deadline Games, don't worry too much. While the shelving of Faith is a sad tale, their bank balances should be well catered for when the Watchmen games they're working on are released later this year.


Faith and a .45 is officially on hold [PS3 Attitude, via VG247]

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