Yesterday's Fairytale Fights trailer was old b-roll footage accidentally uploaded to the press site. Here's the real show Playlogic wanted you to see.

Today I sat down with the developer for a hands-on demo of Fairytale Fights. My actual preview is embargoed until August 19, but I was given permission to share a couple of things in response to some of the questions raised by the b-roll footage. First off, the gingerbread men aren't supposed to bleed — that's a bug — they're just supposed to crumble and fall apart. Second, I can confirm that there will be friendly fire in the multiplayer co-op mode.

Between those two tidbits and this gloriously gory trailer, I'm sold. But if you're not, stick around for my preview on the 19th and then see how you feel about Fairytale Fights.

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