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Image: FairTube

FairTube, a group pushing for YouTubers to unionize that has backing from the largest trade union in the EU, has commented on YouTube’s controversial new terms of the service. The new terms give the company “sole discretion” to remove videos that are “no longer commercially viable,” which has led to renewed calls for unionization from various YouTubers. “When the platform operator reserves the right to deactivate an account at their sole discretion according to vague or unspecified criteria, with no right to contest, workers are living in a Kafkaesque algorithmic bureaucracy,” a FairTube and IG Metall rep told Kotaku. Read the rest in my updated story


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Can someone explain to me how would a youtube union work? I mean, they own the platform and they can decide who or what has access to their service. They decide on how to monetize the videos and what conditions they give to the content creators.
One of the things that “work” in a union (At least, what I’ve experienced) is that the Union can restrict hiring to hire only union members. Youtube is not hiring people, so there is no contractual obligation of any form.