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Fahey: The Text Adventure

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To: Bash From: Crecente Re: My Driver's License Picture? Ha. Ha. Ha. So I was just settling in to an afternoon of blogging, cranking out posts with Stuart and Adam's help to fill in for the missing Mikes, when my iPhone rang. On the screen was the name: Mike Fahey. Uh oh. No problem, he was safely on the soil of tiny Halle, nearish Leipzig. But the thing was he was lost. He couldn't figure out, in his jet-lagged state, where the hotel was. So instead of leaving a giant Fahey to roam the countryside, terrorizing the cobbled roads and winding side alleys of Halle, I decided to walk him through getting to the hotel... from my memory of the daily trek a year ago. This is snippet of the actual conversation: Fahey: I'm standing near the entrance for the train station. I see a McDonalds. Me: Go outside Fahey: OK, I see a road. Me: Go straight, under the overpass. Me: Turn right Fahey: I see the stairs Me: Go up the stairs Me: You know this is a lot like a word adventure... ha ha ha ha ha. Stony silence. Good times, good times. What you missed: iPhone Frogger Impressions Germany - Ich Leibe Es! Pre-Order Banjo-Kajooie: Nuts & Bolts Gets Free, Early Access to XBLA Original BioShock Brings Challenge Rooms to PS3, Coming Oct. 21, Oct. 24 Frankenreview: Too Human New Lego Batman Character Announced, Batgirl! Murloc, Succubus, Lady Vashj WoW Figures Hit in April