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Fading Wii Speak Faces Phase Out

Illustration for article titled Fading Wii Speak Faces Phase Out

Wii Speak's retail availability is being curtailed and, if demand for it doesn't improve - which doesn't appear at all likely - Nintendo will phase out the microphone peripheral completely.


In a statement, Nintendo has confirmed Wii Speak's limited retail availability as part of a phasing out of it altogether. However, the company that it'll make additional shipments if demand for it improves.

Wii Speak enables voice communication with an entire room full of participants, rather than everyone using a headset. So this isn't the end of all voice communication on the console. Nintendo's statement suggested the licensed Headbanger Headset from Performance Designed Products as a chat substitute on the Wii, useful in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops and the upcoming The Conduit 2.


There was no word on the fate of the Wii Speak Channel, however.

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Ok, here's some really simple things to make the Wii Speak thingy more useful...

1. Release more online multiplayer games with Wii Speak functionality. Regardless if you're truing to coordinate with team mates, or smack talking, communication is very much required.

2. Skype for the Wii. Hey, skype to skype calls are free. Can easily turn a Wii into a telephone as well, as long as people are willing to type the number on screen. Can even make Wii to PC calls as well. Now if there was only a way to have it run in the background while you played other games on the Wii...

3. Sing Sing SING! Yeah, I know, there's tons of karaoke games out there already. But how many use Wii Speak... hmm?

4. Hey You Pikachu for the VC...

... What, you don't think it'd work?

I could go on, but the fact of the matter is this. It's failing because it's not being utilized well, if at all. Of course, Nintendo also needs to revamp the whole online gaming thing for the Wii, but when will THAT ever happed?