Face-Eater Attack in China

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Late last month, a naked man in Miami was fatally shot after he wouldn't stop chewing on another man's face. This wasn't the start of a zombie apocalypse (but, rather, as sister site Jezebel pointed out, mentally ill people without a safety net). And it's not only something that happened in the US. Yesterday, it happened in China.


Shanghai Daily reports that in in the city of Wenzhou, an inebriated bus driver (only his surname "Dong" is given) blocked a woman's car, climbed on the car's hood, and started hitting the windshield. The woman, surnamed Du, got out of the car, hoping to escape the man's onslaught.

Dong tackled the woman, and then began gnawing on her face. Bystanders unsuccessfully tried to pull Dong, whom they said was acting crazy, off the woman. Police finally were able to stop the attack, and the woman was rushed to the hospital. Du will need plastic surgery to reconstruct her nose and lips.

According to Shanghai Daily, police say Dong had been drinking heavily with his friends that day at lunch.

Above are images of the attack, courtesy of news site Xinmin.

Man gnaws woman's face [Shanghai Daily via Shangahiist]

(Top photo: Xinmin)


Some drugs are clearly being tested out here, to much of a coincidence, it's happened quite a bit as well.