Fable Is Not Limited To A Trilogy

Action role-playing game Fable III is out this month. Fable III? That's a trilogy, and trilogies are a good way to end a series.

"Forget about the word 'trilogy'," Fable designer Peter Molyneux said. "I hate limiting ourselves to a trilogy."


"I want you to feel that you're on a journey in Fable and I'm not going to tell you what happens at the end of Fable III, but I don't think you'll feel in any way that you've reached the end of a trilogy."

The original Fable was released on the Xbox and PC in fall 2004 and was followed up by an extended version the following year. Fable II hit the Xbox 360 in fall 2008, and the third Fable game is getting released this month.

No word on when Fable IV, Fable V, Fable VI, Fable VII or even Fable VIII will be released.

Fable Not Limited To Trilogy, XBox 360 News - GamerZines : Free Digital Games Magazines [GamerZines via CVG]

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