Fable II Site Launches, Fabulous Prizes Await

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Microsoft and Lionhead have launched the official Xbox site for Fable II, and much like the site for the original Fable it contains a charming interactive storybook for fans of the series to play through, only this time there are prizes involved! The cutout story tells the tale of your character's ancestor as he deals with the death of his parents and his search for love and vengeance. Depending on the choices you make as you play through it, you will be awarded one of five special in-game items for your troubles. Playing through it while sticking to the more virtuous decisions netted me a three-piece chicken costume. Playing through again on evil got me a nasty expression book and a vial of pink dye. Hit the link and let us know what prizes you come up with. Together we'll collect the whole set! Fable II Storybook Game [Xbox.com - Thanks Jose!]


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