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Fable II See The Future's Future Foretold

Illustration for article titled Fable II See The Futures Future Foretold

Lionhead promised news today, and they've delivered, revealing the release date for the upcoming See the Future downloadable content for Fable II and a new episode of Inside Lionhead to boot.


Those eager to See the Future of Albion have only two more weeks worth of waiting to down, as Lionhead announces a May 12th release date for their latest batch of downloadable content for the award-winning Fable II. New quest, news costumes, and new dogs await those willing to brave the perils of paying 560 Microsoft points.


The announcement also covers the return of the Inside Lionhead video diary series, with a special episode all about the creation of See the Future. It's available now via Xbox Live, or just below this text. Your choice!

Check it out, today [Lionhead Blog]

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Why do people get mad at this game for being easy? I mean the joy of this game is the world and just being a part of it, sure the game part is important, but really it's primary goal is a role playing game, not an action game. It just uses the action to drive the story and character progression. This is an role players dream since the options to live a persons life are so wide open. Why don't people appreciate it for what it is and not bitch about what it's not?