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Fable II Online Co-Op So Making Release Date

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While Lionhead might have been mouthing "sorry" a couple weeks back when word dropped that Fable II would be shipping without the eagerly anticipated online co-op feature, they are no doubt now pumping their fists in the air and shouting "yes!" like a triumphant home alone child as they announce that they managed to make it ready for launch anyway. A post on the Fable II dev blog explains:

Remember a couple of days ago (or was it a week) where on a blog it was mentioned that Fable II would be shipping 'without' Online Co-op? And remember we said we were busting our balls to get it ready in time for a 'Day One' release? Well - G o o d [Good] news folks! It looks like we've done it...for all of you who are connected to Xbox Live, when starting up your copy of Fable II (on 21st October in USA, 24th October in Europe and 18th December in Japan).

Yes! Sam does go on to warn that they still have to pass certification, but come on...Microsoft wouldn't hold this baby back, even if it came out horribly deformed! Looks like Day One Patch [Fable II Dev Blog - Thanks Tim!]