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Fable II Definitively Dated

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At Microsoft's E3 2008 press conference Peter Molyneux announced that Fable II would be released in October, but when in October? It's a pretty big month after all - one of the biggest in fact. Well now Microsoft has announced that the game will be in U.S. stores on October 21st, with folks over in Europe and the UK getting the title on the 24th. That gives us plenty of time to schedule time off, stock up on dog treats, and then return them to the store upon realizing we just bought treats for a virtual dog.


Along with the news comes a lovely shot of the full collector's edition, which we already talked about back in July but looks much better all spread out. It's just Microsoft's way of reminding you that you don't have to only spend $59.99 if you don't want to.


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Actually, my Gamestop employee knew a ton of information on Fable II. He was trying to up-sell the LE version to me a few weeks ago and he had a lot of details I didn't know about. He said that you get the arcade games (this month) but they're also included on the LE version disk (the normal one doesn't have them). Anyway, it wasn't much of a selling point, but I think it just matters from employee to employee.