Fable Golf Game, Game Room Games Are Going To Be On The Windows Phone 7

Fable Coin Golf was the oddest of the games Microsoft showed in Las Vegas today, all slated to come to the Windows Phone 7 ... (you know, Microsoft's answer to the iPhone.) Check out the reel of upcoming games.

Some neat stuff there.

The only other thing we know about Fable Coin Golf is that the gold you earn in it can be used in Fable III.


The Microsoft highlight reel also showed Game Room, the Xbox 360 and Windows virtual arcade, running on the phone. Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer, who intro'd the reel of games, didn't explain what Game Room is doing there or how it'll work. On the 360 and PC, it has allowed gamers to download emulated arcade games and set them up in a virtual arcade, using Xbox Live to challenge people for high scores.

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