Fable For The Phone Is A Fun Round Of Coin Golf

The Fable series may be known best for its wild ambition, but the Windows Phone 7 spin-off keeps things perfectly simple. This is Fable: Coin Golf.


Microsoft says the mobile phone take on Fable draws upon traditional British pub games like Shove Ha'penny, Bar Billiards and Skittles, tasking you with launching the "Hero Puck" into the Pillar of Light in as few shots as possible. While doing so, you'll acquire gold that can be transferred to your Fable III character in the Xbox 360 or Windows PC version.

There are 45 levels in the Windows Phone 7 game, just a few of which we sampled at CES 2011. Fable: Coin Golf comes to Windows Phone 7 handsets in "early 2011."

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way to remind us that there's still no pc release.