EyePet Delay Ruins Christmas

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Holiday dreams shatter like delicate crystal unicorns across North America, as Sony confirms that the adorable little EyePet won't be making it home in time for Christmas.


If you were among the PlayStation 3 owners looking forward to a lazy holiday season spent playing with your fuzzy new EyePet friend, prepare to be terribly disappointed. GameStop and Amazon both shifted the listed release data for the EyePet from November 2009 to April 2010, and now Gamervision has received the official word from Sony.

"The North American territory has decided to take additional time to focus on the EyePet product and can confirm it will not be available this holiday. EyePet is an innovative and exciting new IP to the PS3 platform and SCEA marketing will spend additional time to continue educating consumers and retail channels, setting the table for a successful product launch. We will provide more details on an updated launch timeframe very soon"

As Gamervision points out, the delay comes at an odd time, as review copies of the game have already been handed out to major outlets, whose reviewers are even now, as we speak, experiencing the sort of fuzzy goodness that the rest of us will be left without during the cold winter months.

For now we can only hope that the April release date listed at GameStop is simply speculation, and that Sony won't keep the warm fuzzies from us for too long.

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Motherfucker!!! they need to get this "game" out of the door as quickly as possible, so that they can work on Eight Days or The Getaway or something. Aside from Killzone 2, Wipeout, SCEE hasn't made anything good on PS3 yet.