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Extra Life Raises $150,000 And Counting

Illustration for article titled Extra Life Raises $150,000 And Counting

Sarcastic Gamer and Texas Children's Hospital teamed up to raise money with a 24-hour gaming marathon called Extra Life the weekend before last. They raised so much money, they're keeping the donations line open.


Extra Life's super huge gaming marathon started at 8 AM on October 17 in participants' local time zones. Gamers were allowed to play literally any game they wanted starting from that time until 8 AM the following morning to honor their commitment. A make-up day went down on October 24, which brought in almost $8,000 more to the cause.

Between the two marathons and all of the participants' sponsors, Extra Life raised a little over $150,000 for charity — $30,000 more than they made last year. The proceeds go to pediatric cancer research and treatment.


"It was a huge success," Sarcastic Gamer publicist Lesley Adams said. To make it even more so, they're keeping the Extra Life website open to donations through November 8 — although no more marathon gaming sessions are required at this point.

So who here answered the call to arms and played for the whole 24 hour period?

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damn would have done this in a heart beat, but i didn't even hear about it and my gf works at Texas children's :/ #charity