Extra Boring PS3 Firmware Update Hits. The sequel to PlayStation 3 firmware 2.51 has been launched, with the latest chapter in the saga (2.52) speeding its way to hard drives as we speak. What's new? Two things according to Sony: a fix for a text entry issue with some titles and a note that "the playback quality of some PS3 format software has been improved." What software? Got me. Sony hasn't responded to our request for clarification, but we think it's a safe guess that LittleBigPlanet runs a little bit better.


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I dunno bout you guys, but this update is taking me forever... all I wanted was to spend an hour with LBP :(

On that note: has any of you who got the Kratos code been able to download it at all? I've been trying to for the last few days but it keeps giving me an "error in installation" message.