'Extinction Mode' Among the Rumors Trickling From Call of Duty: Ghosts

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With about a week to go before the latest Call of Duty hits shelves, this is high season for pre-release leaks from those who managed to cajole an early retail copy out of someone. Did you know Call of Duty: Ghosts is on two discs for the Xbox 360? Yeah, well, neither did I. There's other stuff coming out, too.

Courtesy of CharlieIntel.com, who have been good for this kind of stuff in years past, this is what's known:

• The game is on two discs for the Xbox 360. Considering the PC installation specs call for a 40GB installation, this shouldn't be that big of a shock.


• The names of all 14 multiplayer maps are now known. With the exception of "Prison Break," each one sounds like a metal band's debut album.

Some mode called "Extinction" (above) is a feature of the game, apparently. The loading screen depicts some alien-looking bastard, so one must wonder if this replaces Zombies. Word is that you unlock "Extinction" after completing the first five missions of the singleplayer campaign.

I've pinged an Activision rep but, if they wanted to announce these things, they probably would have done so already. Call of Duty: Ghosts releases worldwide on Nov. 5

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Ok guys, this may be tough to accept, but DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. If the game isn't successful, then the series can finally be put to rest, or at the very least revamped. New engine, different war, and none of the bullcrap. Personally, I'm hoping for a WW1 COD.