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Welcome, Game Clubbers, to our first discussion of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Today we're going to tackle the action-packed opening chapters of the story. There are plenty of amazing moments to discuss, so let's get to it!


If this is your first time as a Game Club contributor, here's the deal: Our group convenes to analyze and discuss games as we play them, rather than simply commenting on a review. Whatever the game has got you thinking about is exactly what we want to hear.

If you haven't picked up Uncharted 3 yet or have yet to dig into the campaign, then you might want to come back after you've started the game, as there will undoubtedly be tons of spoilers below. On the other hand, for those of you have already burned through the entire game, we will only be discussing chapters one through nine today. Please refrain from talking about anything that happens after that point until our next two meetings.

On that note, one of the major themes of the game's plot so far has been Drake's motivation for treasure hunting. While Drake's reasons have been called into question, we've yet to hear much on the issue from from Drake himself. Do you think the themes of this story call for a more intimate, introverted narrative approach, or would personal reflection on Drake's part take away from the game's more exciting overtones? In other words: Do you really want to know more about Drake, or is he simply an action hero; an access point for cool experiences whose personality isn't that important?

During the next meeting of the Kotaku Game Club we'll cover the next 9 chapters of the story. Make sure to come back to Kotaku next Thursday, November 10th, at 4pm Eastern.

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I'm getting so involved with this game I want to strangle that smarmy bastard Talbot with my bare hands. Hate him.

Loving the game so far. I'm a few chapters past 9, but not by much. I'm not liking it as much as 2, but then again, how can you match or surpass 2? Actually loved the young Drake chapter. I thought it was cool seeing Sully helping Nate out in the background. I liked that they had young drake wear the baseball shirt that Nate was wearing in the first shots of Uncharted 1.

The bar fight was fun at the beginning, liked how if someone was near a table or bar top, Nate would grab a beer bottle and break it over their heads.

Really liking Charlie, did not see his true loyalty coming after that bar fight.

Overall, I'm impressed with the increase in detail over 2. You can see every little imperfection in Chloe's face. It adds a lot of character.

EDIT: I also found an old image of Drake from an old Kotaku article. I love the negative comments underneath from before the game was even released.