Some devs like to keep it simple: no in-app purchases or microtransactions—hell, no app at all; no forcing you to rope your friends to play. Just, you know: player gives dev money, player gets entire game. That game is probably priced at more than 99 cents to boot.

It's an approach that may seem strange in the age of mobile and social games. For Tim Keenan, selling A Virus Named TOM in a simple, traditional approach sounds like it resulted in some majorly annoying conversations with other people judging from this funny puppet theater reenactment.

"I guess it's more the frustration of all the random advice you get, telling you to do whatever is hot at the moment. Though I recognize it's usually with the best intentions ;)," Keenan explained in a Reddit thread.

"It's almost therapeutic making these. I may make one on the joy of dealing with publishers next."

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