In part one of EA's Medal of Honor experience video series, titled Fallen Angel, there's a great deal of running, shooting, exploding, and colorful language.

Last week at Gamescom, Crecente got to play through a level of Medal of Honor flying a gunship. Now EA lets us explore the more down-to-earth aspects of the title's gameplay, running and shooting.


I've done so much running and shooting in my lifetime that it's hard to distinguish one from the other. It would be an interesting experiment to strip the UI elements from the latest five or six modern-day military shooters and see if the uninitiated could tell the difference. The be completely honest, I might be hard-pressed.

Now show me what happens when a player dies in each game, and I become Mr. Wizard. I am a connoisseur of first-person shooter death. My mother always told me to find something I am good at and stick with it.

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