One thing you're going to learn about me, Kotaku readers, is that I love the hip-hop. Why, just this morning I was pumping J-Live's "Braggin' Writes" over the Kotaku Tower sound system.

I, like thousands (millions?) of others, have been waiting for new music from Jay Electronica—regarded by many as The Next Great MC— for months now and met the news of his newest track with joy when alerted by Twitter. Even better, the song's title references this year's installment of Activision's blockbuster shooter franchise.

How fresh is this single? Well, J. Elect refers to the death of Steve Jobs but doesn't lyrically salute the shooter series he takes the title from. Maybe because he hasn't played it yet? It's probably a safe bet that this FPS-dubbed single wasn't vetted Infinity Ward and the Activision powers-that-be. Getting Kanye to play at the XP fan-fest was a coup, no doubt, but the Call of Duty gatekeepers should get Mama Electronica's boy Jay to drop a few bars for their release. He's 100 times the rhyme stylist that Kanye is. Yeah, I said it.

New Music: Jay Electronica x Mobb Deep "Call Of Duty"
[Rap Radar]

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