Execution Tests Your Conscience, Not Your Reflexes

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Not technically a Hot Flash since you need to download it, but it's only 2MB, so it's close enough. The name of the game's Execution, it was made by Jesse Venbrux, and it's worth the 3.5 minutes of your life both downloading and playing it will cost you. Know that while it's a tiny, short game, there's also a charmingly simple punch to it all. Be sure to play it twice to get the full experience.


Execution [via TIGS]

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Well, it looks like I win. I wasn't the one tied to the pole.

So as far as I am concerned,that makes me a winner.

@SolFalling:Bull shit. Now I might agree, if you said, that Humans are far from perfection and a majority of the population really doesn't strive to better themselves. OR that a majority of people have no standards whatsoever. Probably agree 110% on that.

@The game.

I find the game lacks, because when you reload it, "you still lose"

I look at it this way, logically, you just fired a few bullets. You still have more left in the chamber, that means, you still have more good and bad choice's to make.

Another thing, what kind of "tool" was I handed? A freaking assault rifle. If I were handed a army swiss knife, or something of that nature, I may of figured I was supposed to cut the guy loose. (they better keep it pocket knife size or I may get the wrong idea). Nope, I was handed a gun, and a guy was tied to a pole.

As far as I know, the only guys ever tied to poles and shot, are criminals.

From my perspective, the puzzle pieces clicked together like a fine tuned clock. It just made sense.

I'm just miffed I was told I lost.