Excitebots Sells, Uh, 13,000 Copies

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Excitebots is a sequel (of sorts) to Excite Truck, itself a sequel (of sorts) to Excitebike. It was published by Nintendo, on the dominant Nintendo platform. And it had SUPER SANDWICHES. So what happened?

It could be that it was rubbish, but then, Mike thought it was OK. It could be that it looked boring, but remember, it had SUPER SANDWICHES.


Who knows. All we do know is that the game sold 13,000 copies in the US in April. Sure, it was only out for 10 days in the month, but still. 13,000? Dismal. It didn't even make NPD's top 100 games for the month, let alone the top 20.

Poor Monster Games. Maybe they should have called it ExciteFit.

Wii's Excitebots Sells Just 13,000 In The U.S. [Gamasutra]

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My goodness. The first Nintendo title I cared about in a long while, and it didn't sell at all...I don't know if my interest as a regular gamer is indicative of people lacking interest on the other side of things...hm.